Student Dog Stories: The Benefits of Growing Up with a Dog

Setting up the dog society at University of Bristol enables us to listen to some incredible stories about dogs. Madalina, the Vice President of the Dog Soc will tell us her story:

“My dogs are a constant reminder that unconditional love is real. I miss them very much now that I am far from home. However, I am happy to share my love and passion for pets with anyone who needs a dog sitter or walker. I lost my first dog in a tragic accident. After years of trying to persuade my parents into buying me a dog I finally got what I wanted- a mixed breed bichon who meant the world to me for 5 years. Busu used to sleep with me, watch me studying or walk with me in the park. 

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One day, he disappeared. We did not know anything about him for months, until a friend found him in her neighbourhood and we had been once more reunited. Unfortunately, 2 years later he died tragically, after he had been attacked by another dog. It was a loss that made us all very sad and we felt that we could never love another dog the same…

Shortly after his disappearance we felt that we needed another loving soul in our home. I remember looking for adverts with puppies for sale and finding a particular breeder close to our city. We called him and our excitement was huge when he said he still has two puppies for sale. Of course the challenge was to pick one of them and since I wanted one and my sister the other one, my mum decided to get both of them. Pufa and Pufina, two perfect bichons, made our world so much happier. They tested our patience and they taught us many lessons.

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They learned from the cat how to jump on the table or how to open doors as a rebellion sign when they were neglected. They learned how to accept new members in our family - rescued cats or new born puppies. I am still surprised by their awareness and ability to empathize in different circumstances. I admire their presence and their endless joy when they are spoiled after a long time of minimum attention. I was so close to becoming a vet, only because I felt that dogs can understand me and I can understand them.

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Now that I am most of the time alone in my room, away from my lovely dogs, I realize how I have never felt lonely with them around me… Feeling lonely scared me and made my mind and soul go in places I would never want to go back to again. This is why I decided to set up the Dog Society; along with the President of Dog Soc and the rest of the committee we hope to bring students and dogs together even when they are far from home, from their own dogs.”

The biggest challenge for the Dog Society now is to find dogs that need to be walked. If you have a dog or you know someone who needs a dog walker do not hesitate to contact us on Facebook? We need you to make this happen!

 Written by Elaine Brown and Madalina Andreea Marinescu

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