Jasper Dog Coat

Jasper Dog Coat

From £118
Whether you are looking for a collar and lead set as part of your puppy supplies, or a new dog bed for your faithful friend, there are many different dog accessories you can choose to spoil your dog or to buy as a gift for someone else.

I want to buy a high quality present for a dog lover

We offer a wide variety of dog accessories ranging from dog beds to harnesses, from food to dog products and gifts. You can choose your products by searching for the pet breed you prefer, or looking at the product menu. Our selection of brands are all from designers based in the UK and we pride ourselves on the quality of all of the dog items for sale on our site, from collars for dogs to dog supplies, everything has been designed with pet owners in mind.

I want something to keep my dog warm

From blankets to coats and beds, we have a full selection of essentials for keeping your pooch warm at night and in the winter. With options including fleece blankets and snuggly coats in all shapes and sizes, you will find everything you need for your pets.

What about dog food gifts?

When it comes to feeding your pets we offer a full choice of personalised ceramic bowls which can feature a portrait of your pet with stunning details, or the breed that you require instead. Our bowls are all of the highest quality. We also sell a variety of food products including our natural dog food options, as well as dog storage products, all of which have been specifically designed with your canine companion in mind.

Do you sell grooming products?

We have everything you need to keep your pet looking good, from stylish collars and leads, to harnesses and dog grooming options. We even have dog bow ties and bandanas for the particularly stylish pooch to wear.

What about practical supplies?

Our site includes some of the more practical items you might need when shopping for your canine as well, including safety gates and accessories for travelling with dogs, such as travel blankets and water bottles for taking your dogs on holiday with you.

Can any of your items be personalised?

The great thing about our accessories is that many of them can be personalised and made to order, making them the perfect things to give as presents for birthdays or Christmas, or any other special occasion. From personalised fleece blankets to personalised cards, you can choose to add names, breed details or portraits to many of the items we stock. It is worth noting that it make take slightly longer for orders which are personalised as these are handmade for customers. If you are looking for dog accessories, you have come to the right place as our broad choice of items have been developed with British designers, all based in the UK and we pride ourselves on the high quality of all the brands which you will find within our website shop.