Did you know?

There are 26 different Spaniel types and that their name originates from Spain although some of the more popular spaniel breeds were developed in the UK. These include the English Springer Spaniel and the King Charles Spaniel. The Cocker Spaniel is also another very popular Spaniel breed. For the Spaniel dog lover who wants to be reminded of their adored pet while working, why not treat them to one of our Spaniel mug range, or drinks coaster, so that they can gaze at their favourite dog every time they have a coffee break, combined with our Spaniel sticky note set for writing all their message on? Or if you prefer to celebrate your love of all things Cocker Spaniel at home, you might want to check out the range of stunning Spaniel wall art available in our shop. We also have Spaniel table mats and shopping bags as gifts to offer your loved ones for their home. In the run up to Christmas, you might want to consider our ceramic dog portrait ornaments as the perfect Spaniel Christmas decoration, and our Spaniel greeting cards can be used equally as Christmas cards or the perfect Spaniel birthday card. Whether you want a Springer Spaniel mug for Father's Day or a black and white Springer Spaniel illustration to go on the wall, our range of Spaniel gifts won't disappoint. Our high quality range offers something for every type of Spaniel lover, which they will cherish for years to come.

Fun fact about the Cocker Spaniel dog

The name Cocker Spaniel comes from the Woodcock bird which these types of Spaniel were originally bred to flush out for hunters to then shoot. If you are looking for a Spaniel gift to give your dog for it's birthday or you just want your Springer Spaniel dog to enjoy Christmas with you by getting its own gifts, then you might want to browse through our Dog Accessories section. From personalised dog food bowls which will ensure a wonderful Springer Spaniel Christmas when he sees his own face on his new food bowl, to a brand new collar or bandana, our range of Spaniel dog gifts will provide the perfect present for any pampered pooch. We also offer a range of organic dog food, grooming products to make him feel extra special and dog beds and blankets to provide your beloved Spaniel with everything he needs for healthy and comfortable life with you. The perfect way to wrap your Spaniel gift is to choose from our range of unique dog wrapping paper and gift tags, which have been designed by British artists, along with all of our range. So as you choose your dog gift and paper, you are supporting local artists at the same time.