Dog wrapping paper

For the perfect finishing touch to your personalised dog gift from our range, why not choose to present it using our Mary Kilvert dog wrapping paper, which is a unique design created to perfect your gift wrapping experience? As well as dog wrapping paper we can also offer greeting cards whether for a birthday or other special occasion, or maybe even for your dog birthday. There are also beautiful gift tags featuring stunning dogs available to purchase from our shop. We want to make your dog gift buying experience unique and pleasurable, which is why we provide the whole service, even down to the greeting card and wrapping paper. Our unique dog designs mean our sheets of paper can be used either as birthday wrapping paper or as Christmas wrapping paper, without any problems. Whether you are buying a birthday present for your sausage dog, or a Christmas present for your Jack Russell, using our unique wrapping paper for your personalised gifts and accessories will be the icing on the cake. To make life easier, we also have our wrapping paper pack, which comes complete with matching tags and features dogs in a design which all dog lovers will appreciate, and contains two sheets of wrapping paper to cover all of your gifts perfectly.

Giving your dog a Christmas present

Many owners love to give their pets presents at Christmas or on their birthday so why not make sure it's something your dog will love by heading to our Dog Accessories page where you can choose from a full range of gifts designed just for your furry friend - from bandanas, to collars and personalised food bowls. It's important to make sure anything you buy for your pet is suitable and has been designed specifically for animals. For example, human chocolate is toxic to dogs but you can buy special dog treats which won't cause any harm. We have some unique food treats perfect for dogs in our shop. If you are wrapping a present for a dog owner they will probably want to keep the dog paper and relish that as much as the gift underneath so when you are looking for unique Christmas wrapping paper, or just paper that will make your gift stand out at a party, then look no further than our British-designed dog wrapping paper choices.