Did you know?

Did you know that the Beagle was originally developed for hunting hare and looks similar in appearance to the much larger Foxhound. If you are looking for the perfect dog gift for the Beagle lover in your life we have no doubt you will be spoilt for choice when you see our range of Beagle gifts for dog lovers. It doesn't matter if you are buying a gift for a Beagle owner, or a gift for their Beagle, we have something for everyone. Why not opt for a stylish Beagle mug and matching coaster to create your own Beagle gift set for someone? These lovely designs have been created by our own UK-based artists and will make drinking your morning coffee far more stylish. What better tribute to your Beagle than to choose a personalised portrait of your dog as a stunning piece of wall art for your home? It also makes the ideal Christmas present or birthday gift for the Beagle lover in your life. The options include monochrome drawings or full colour portraits, or even a wooden vintage print created using a photo of your pet dog as the basis.

Fun fact about the Beagle dog

Beagles are known as noses on legs because their sense of smell is so advanced. They have around 220 million scent receptors in their noses, which is why they are used as scent dogs by the police as drug sniffer dogs and to track drugs and explosives at airports. A stunning piece of home decor for Beagle lovers everywhere is our ceramic hanging dog ornament portraits. These can be personalised with a painting of your own dog, making this Beagle ornament a unique gift which can brighten up you home. These can make the perfect Christmas ornament to hang on the Christmas tree, or hang them all year round. You could also enhance your Beagle gift choice by browsing our dog greetings card range. We have a variety of dog designs, including Beagle illustrations, which can make the perfect birthday card for the pet lover in your life. We have cards of all designs suitable for all special occasions. For the dog lover who likes the world to know about the passion for his pet, our range of dog notebooks and notelets sets will make the perfect addition to their desk at work. Throw in a Beagle mug and matching coaster and you have a complete funny Beagle gift set.

Gifts for Beagles

Whether you have bought your first Beagle puppy and are looking for some dog accessories, or you are celebrating a Beagle birthday, we have a broad range of personalised dog gifts for your four-legged friend, ranging from bandanas and dog coats to food bowls and grooming products. Our range of dog accessories includes a beautiful selection of collars, leads and harnesses to suit all sizes of dog and will ensure your Beagle is comfortable and happy when out for his walks with you. Why not team it with one of our personalised bandanas? We don't think there is a Beagle owner out there who could resist buying one of our personalised ceramic dog bowls for their favourite furry friend. Our quality ceramic bowls are decorated with a painted portrait of their own Beagle on the front, and what's more, they can order a matching dog treat jar featuring the same portrait.

Did you know?

All Beagles have white tips on their tails. This is trademark for this breed and it was developed to make it easier to see the dog and track it through woodland or long grass when out and about. When it comes to keeping your Beagle stylish and making him stand out from the other dogs in the park, you can't beat our range of dog bandanas which includes a choice of materials, patterns and sizes to suit every age of dog, even a beagle puppy. We even offer a selection of polka dot bandanas which can feature your Beagle's name. The dog coats and collar range we offer could ensure your Beagle is warm while out on regular winter walks. The dog coats come in a range of sizes as well as colours. Once your Beagle gets home, he will adore sleeping in one of our comfortable dog beds or blankets. To finish off your chosen Beagle gifts have a look at our artist-designed dog wrapping paper and present tags which can be found in our Stationery section. Or, if you can't choose between all of our Beagle lover gift range then why not choose a shop gift voucher instead? Our gift vouchers give the Beagle owner in your life the full run of our store, meaning the hardest decision will be between buying a gift for their dog or a dog memento for their own house or office. Whether you are buying for a Great Dane, a Terrier, a Basset hound, French bulldog or Golden Retriever lover, our gift range provides the perfect choice for all dog breed owners alike. There really is something for everyone in our shop dedicated to all things canine.