Did you know?

When it comes to home decor you can't beat a personalised portrait of their Basset Hound to make the perfect dog art gift for any fan of this cute breed. Our fine art print by British artists will also look stunning on any wall in the house. If you have a Basset Hound lover in your life and are stumped for a present for them, then why not have a look in our Gifts for Dog Lovers section to get some inspiration? Our Basset Hound shopping bag will add style to any supermarket trip, while our Basset Hound make-up bag is the perfect Christmas gift for the woman in your life. For the home, why not offer a Basset Hound ornament, such as our ceramic hearts, which are sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who is true Basset Hound lover.

Fun facts about Basset Hounds

The Basset Hound has an amazing sense of smell for tracking, but it's not just down to it's nose. The long ears help to stir up smells, while the wrinkles on its face keep all the scents close to its nose for longer, meaning the Basset Hound face helps to make its sense of smell even stronger.

Gifts for your Basset Hound Dog

If it's your Basset Hound birthday or maybe you like to get your dog something for Christmas, then have a look at our breeds section for some ideas. From personalised dog bandanas featuring your dog's name, to a matching treat pot and food bowl complete with your pet's portrait, there is something here for even the most discerning Basset Hound. Our shop also offers a range of organic dog food and treats so why not give him a treat to go in his new personalised bowl and food jar at the same time, for that perfect present for your pet.

Did you know?

The Basset Hound is a highly sociable dog which will get on well with everyone. While this is good for your family it does mean they don't make for good guard dogs, but also they do have a tendency to get lonely if left for any length of time. Once you have chosen your perfect Basset Hound gift from our range - which all feature designs from British artists - then why not finish off the present perfectly by teaming it with a unique dog design from our greeting cards range as well? The art design can be used to celebrate a Basset Hound birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion. We also stock a range of unique wrapping paper which is perfect for covering a dog lover gift, featuring beautiful dog designs by our artists. Have a look at our packs, which matching present tags, for the perfect way to present your choices.