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If you love Poodles that's probably because they are happy natured, obedient and intelligent. Poodles come in different sizes and are thought to originate from France or Germany but in fact they may have been introduced into Europe from Asia. Are you looking for a Poodle gift for someone in your life? If so, we know our shop will have what you are looking for. From a poodle mug to a poodle portrait for the wall, and everything in between, we know that our range of poodle gifts won't disappoint. Our range of gifts for dog lovers will provide everything you need for the Poodle owner in your family. From Poodle gifts for Christmas stockings, like a personalised coffee mug, to stunning wall art portraits, our shop has an endless array of Poodle-inspired presents. While for those looking to pamper their Poodle, our Dog Accessories page will provide inspiration on how to pamper and treat your dog without going for the obvious dog chocolates or other types of shop bought dog Christmas presents.

Fun fact about the Poodle dog

Poodles come from Germany originally and the name comes from the German word Pudel which means "to splash in water". In France Poodles are called Caniche which roughly translates as "duck dog".

Gifts for Poodle lovers

Whether your loved one is a fan of the black poodle, standard poodle, white poodle or toy poodle doesn't matter. Many items in our range of gifts for dog lovers can be personalised to feature stunning portraits of their own Poodle dog. Our range of ceramic gifts includes a stylish Poodle mug and coasters which could make the perfect Christmas gift for any Poodle dog lover. Our ceramic range could provide great gift ideas when looking for inspiration as they have been created by our own UK-based artists and will make drinking your morning coffee far more stylish. For the perfect tribute to the Poodle in your life why not gift someone a portrait of the family dog? A personalised portrait of your own Poodle can become a unique piece of wall art for your home and would make the perfect Poodle Christmas or birthday gift. Our artists can work with photos of your dog to create stylish monochrome drawings or full colour portraits, or even a wooden vintage print.

Fun fact about the Poodle dog

Poodles were bred as retriever dogs for hunters, splashing into water to grab ducks and birds from within the water and bring them back to their masters. They love splashing around in water. Our ceramic dog portraits make the perfect Christmas tree ornament as they feature a unique portrait of your Poodle. This could be the best Poodle gift you give the dog owner in your life. They don't have to be put away when the festive season ends, and can be hung anywhere in your home. For the working dog owner who likes to keep mementos of his pet nearby while away from home, our range of dog notebooks and notelets sets will remind him of his dog while dealing with the paperwork. Why not add in a Poodle coffee mug and coaster to top off his dog dedicated desk? For the Poodle owner who loves cooking, why not visit our kitchenware range to peruse our aprons, tea towels and oven glove designs. We also offer a wide variety of dog place mat designs which will add a touch of class to any dining room table.

Fun facts about Poodle haircuts

The traditional Poodle hair cut is designed with practicality in mind. Their fur can make them less efficient in water, but they couldn't be totally shaved as they'd get too cold. The fur is left around their joints and sensitive areas of the body to keep them warm in water. If you are searching for a greeting card for a special occasion, or to go with your chosen Poodle gift, then have a look at our dog greetings card range which can be found in our Stationery section. All of our cards have been designed by our British designers and are perfect for Poodle lovers. Our cards include breed portraits, cute artwork and funny dog imagery, and they can make the perfect birthday or Christmas card for the pet lover in your life. We have cards of all designs suitable for all special occasions.

Gifts for Poodles

If you are looking for dog accessories, it might be that you have bought your first French poodle, brown poodle, or you are looking for pet supplies for your new dog. Either way, we can help with everything you need to take good care of you new pet. We have a broad range of gifts for your four-legged Poodle friend, ranging from dog bandanas to grooming products; dog bowls to a range of natural dog food. Many of our gifts for dogs can be adapted to include your dog's name or picture making them ideal gifts. All Poodle lovers want their dog to look its best so that's why our dog accessories selection features a range of colourful dog bandanas perfect for every Poodle lover to pamper their pooch. They come in a range of styles, sizes and fabric with an option to add your dog's name to the polka dot editions. For when you take your Poodle out for a walk you want him to be comfortable and turn heads at the same time and there is no better way to do this than choose from our range of collars, leads and harnesses. There is a style and size to suit every Poodle breed. We don't think any Poodle owner could live without our personalised ceramic dog bowls featuring a hand-painted portrait of their beloved pet. The bowls can also be teamed with our matching dog treat jar which can also be decorated with a personal Poodle portrait.

Poodle dogs have the perfect temperament to be working dogs and many have jobs, including therapy dogs, guide dogs and assistance dogs for people with disabilities. Our coat and dog bed selection will help to keep your Poodle warm whether he is out on a walk or at home curled up on a rainy day. All of our dog coats come in a range of sizes which will fit every Poodle type and they will sleep soundly in our fleecy dog beds. To add the finishing touches to your Poodle gifts you need to view our artist-designed dog wrapping paper and present tags. If our range of gifts is too overwhelming to choose from then why not give the Poodle owner in your life a gift voucher so they can choose for themselves instead? Whether you are choosing a dog lover gift for a Poodle owner, or for someone who has a Labrador, Terrier or Dachshund dog, our shop has the perfect dog gift, no matter what breed they own. With our organic food supplies, grooming products and safety gates, you don't need to shop anywhere else.