Did you know?

If your Jack Russell Terrier loves chasing foxes it's because they were breed to fox hunt in England over 200 years ago. These small adorable, lively, clever and independent pups love chasing and running around and will definitely keep you on your toes!

Gifts for Jack Russells

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Fun fact about the Jack Russell dog

Did you know that the Jack Russell Terrier can jump five feet into the air, despite it's small size? This is because they are built as working hunting dogs and are incredibly agile. If you get a new Jack Russell you need to make sure it can't escape from your garden by jumping over a regular size fence. If you simply can't decide between our range of gifts for dogs and dog lovers then why not let the person you are buying for choose for themselves by getting them a gift voucher, so they can browse the whole of our shop at their leisure? As well as our full range of Jack Russell items we even offer dog-related greeting cards and wrapping paper to complete the gift experience and enable you to provide a cute Jack Russell Terrier inspired special occasion for someone you love.