Did you know?

The Hungarian Vizsla dog has faced extinction twice, once between the two World Wars and the second back in the 1800s, making them a very lucky breed to have survived. The wirehaired vizsla is often confused with other breeds including Weimaraners, but they are distinctive thanks to their lean but muscular physique. Whether you are looking for a funny dog present for a Christmas gift, or a unique dog portrait for a special occasion, our range of gifts for dog lovers can't be beaten. From a Vizsla shopping bag to your Vizsla face on a ceramic heart decoration, we have a full range of gifts for the whole family.

Gifts for the Hungarian Vizsla

If you own a Vizsla dog and want to get him or her a special treat, then check out our dog accessories range where you can find a full range of items designed for your dog, from personalised dog bowls to bandanas and collars. We have everything to celebrate your Vizsla birthday or Christmas in style.

Viszla gifts for the owner

If you are searching for the ideal Vizsla Christmas gift for a dog owner then why not look at the rest of our shop where you will find unique items including a wooden portrait, kitchenware and even a Viszla mug and coaster which could make the perfect present with a greeting card and wrapping paper to match.

Fun fact about the Hungarian Vizsla

The Vizla dog is so affectionate and loving towards it's human owners, and has such a gentle nature, that it has earned the nickname of velcro dog. Once you have your own Vizsla dog it will show you immense loyalty and devotion as its owner. We pride ourselves on offering a unique range of personalised and unique gifts which are all made and designed by British designers, that will delight dog owners and pet lovers all year round. So whether you want a new ceramic pet bowl for your dog or a pet-related portrait for your living room, our shop is uniquely placed to provide what you need for your particular breed of dog, from the Hungarian Vizsla to the Poodle.