1. How much does it cost to sell products on In Your Dog House?

There is no joining fee. You, the designer/seller decide how much we can sell your products for on IYDHG i.e. your recommended retail price. We take a 25% commission from this price. We also refund the cost of postage.

2. How will I get paid?

Customer places an order -> Customer pays IYDHG –>  IYDHG pay supplier -> Supplier dispatches goods to customer as per Drop Shipping model: 

3. What can I sell on In Your Dog House Gifts?

We represent British designers and producers of dog themed products . We will initially tell you which products we wish to feature.

Products will fall into the following categories - the 'items/products' you see listed below are not an exhausted list. Please visit our homepage to see all the product categories. As the site develops we shall expand the range of categories and products. NOTE your products can be listed in several different categories. 

Homeware Clocks | Vases | Chalkboards | Coasters I Cushions  I Throws I Trays
Kitchenware Tea towels | Oven gloves | Aprons 
Ceramics Mugs | Plates | Jugs | Tea Pots | Vases
Dog Products Bandanas | Bowls | Beds | Collars I
Accessories Make up Bags | Tote Bags | Food Wraps I Phone Cases
Stationery Cards | Calendar | Wrapping Paper | Notebooks

4. How can customers search for products?

The search facility will enable visitors to search via product type, breed, designer and price.

5. How can I sell on In Your Dog House Gifts?

Please contact us so that we can send you further details or alternatively complete the Inventory CSV file as explained here. If you need help completing this please let us know?  We can also help upload your products.

6. How do customers buy on In Your Dog House Gifts?
  • Customers follow the process through browsing the shop to making a purchase
  • Products are listed in collections of product category, breed and designer
  • IYDHG accept card payments online
  • An order confirmation email is sent the the Customer as well as an Invoice once the payment is accepted
  • We also send every customer a personal email to thank them for their purchase.

7. How do I know if I’ve sold something?

You will be emailed automatically by IYDHG to confirm an order has been placed.  This will tell you the buyer’s details and the details of the item(s) they have ordered.

 8. How will I get paid?

All goods are purchased through, and monies paid to, In Your Dog House Gifts (IYDHG). The total amount of money taken will include the purchase price and postage for each item. IYDHG will then transfer this money, less our commission, into your bank account - monies will be transferred every two weeks. It is the sellers' responsibility to refund IYDHG the cost of any items that are returned. Each seller has their own online page, here you will be able to see a breakdown of how much money you are owed, and the purchases etc. that come through to you.