1. How do I list an item?
We will list your items for you. To do this we will request image and product descriptions. This can be done by downloading and completing the Inventory CSV file. For more information about the Inventory CSV file, click here. Once updated, send it to IYDHG.

2. Images
Please ensure all images are accurate, clear, and consistent. Please make sure all item images are saved in PNG format (JPG is acceptable), recommended size should be 1024 x 1024 pixels for product photos, 150 dpi resolution and no bigger than 200 KB. Make sure to export images for web browsing.

Multiple images of each product are recommended (i.e. in and out of packaging or front and back of cushion), if you have these in order to improve sales.

3. Product titles and descriptions
Include colour ranges, size dimensions etc. Please refer to the Iventory CSV File format.

4. Pricing
You decide on the retail price (how much you want to sell your products for). Remember we will take commission from your retail price but we refund the cost of postage.

5. Managing your stock levels

Suppliers are expected to update their inventory levels regularly. We make it easy for you to do so through a bulk uploading tool that will import an excel / CSV directly into IYDHG Inventory Manager with updated stock levels. You can download the CSV file here to complete your Inventory levels here.

When an item sells out on IYDHG (Inventory level = 0), the item will immediately be marked as Out Of Stock (OOS) on the IYDHG store. When you search for that item, it will show as OOS. It will stay OOS on IYDHG untill you send an updated file of your Inventory.

How do I remove or hide items from my shop? - Just mark the published field "False" for any items you wish not to be listed anymore.