If you are looking to buy a dog blanket as a gift for a dog lover in the family then have a look at our range of adorable personalised dog blankets, which include fleece dog blankets and even one with a cute tartan bone design.

Do you do dog blankets for large breeds?

Our large personalised dog blankets come in grey or milk chocolate, with a choice of colours for the embroidery used to stitch the dog's name. They are made from soft lambskin fleece and are fully machine washable.

What about warm dog blankets?

The reversible dog blankets are great for your dog to snuggle under in the winter with a fleecy side, or lie on top of during the summer with a cooler cotton side. They can also be personalised with your dog's name or the dog breed in applique. These handmade dog blankets come in a wide range of colours and are available in several size options as well. They are also machine washable making them very practical as well as the perfect way to pamper your pooch.

My dog likes to snuggle under his blanket

If you have a dog who prefers snuggling under a blanket to sleeping in dog beds then you might want to consider one of our deluxe dog snuggle sacks. They are perfect for dogs who like to be cosy as they are made from soft and warm fabrics, including white sherpa fleece. You can choose from the plain range or the star fabric range. If you are trying to stop your dog from stealing your bed covers then why not use one of our snuggle sacks instead so your dog can sleep in style without ruining your home? They come with a full colour range and in three different sizes and are perfect for home use as well as for travel.

Do you do any gift dog blanket designs?

For a special blanket gift then you might want to consider our personalised red blankets where you can choose from a star style, or the tartan bone design, alongside the dog's name or breed. These blankets only come in one colour - red. They are the perfect festive present for any pet lover and provide lovely warm bedding for all types of canine. The red colour works well for the season but you can buy them all year round as perfect gifts for your pets.

What about dog blankets for travelling?

You might be taking your dog on a car journey, or going to pick up a new puppy and need a portable travel blanket for your pets, so take a look at our travel fleece option which comes with its own carry pouch in a matching design. All our blankets are designed by British designers and our range offers choices suitable for every type of dog breed and every size of dog. If you are looking for a blanket for your pet, or a nice soft fabric bedding for his dog bed, then check out our range as there is plenty of choice.