Fun fact about Dalmatian spots

Did you know that a Dalmatian puppy is born pure white and the famous Dalmatian black spots don't appear until the puppy is around 12 days old. The spots continue to develop as the dog grows and every single pattern of Dalmatian spots is unique to that dog, like a finger print. So if you are looking for a unique Dalmatian gift for a fan of these wonderful dogs, then check out our range of items which have been created by British designers. From our stunning Dalmatian mug range to our hand painted Dalmatian ornament in the form of a hanging portrait, which is perfect for the Christmas tree, we offer a large variety of Dalmatian gifts. If you want to show the world what a Dalmatian dog fan you are then why not opt for our strong Jute shopping bag featuring a Dalmatian print on the side? Perfect for carrying home all the dog treats your beloved pet deserves. Or if you are planning to update your kitchen table, check out our Dalmatian table mats and coasters, and the rest of our kitchenware choices for the perfect dog dining table range. Our Dalmatian fine art print would look beautiful in any spotty dog loving home while your dog will love receiving his treats from one of our personalised Dalmatian dog treat jars featuring his own unique black and white portrait on the side.

Did you know?

Dalmatians, whose name comes from the region of Dalmatia in Croatia, were originally bred to work with horses so this breed has a natural affinity to make friends with horses.

Gifts for Dalmatian dogs

As a dog lover, it might well be that you are looking for gifts for your dog, rather than for yourself so have a look at our Dog Accessories page and you could find yourself choosing a personalised food bowl featuring your own pet's Dalmatian face. If your Dalmatian dog suffers in the winter then you might want to treat him to one of our bandana designs, most likely in the polka dot range to match his coat. What could make a Dalmatian puppy look more adorable then wearing it's own polka dot outfit? Once you have chosen your perfect gift, whether it's for your Dalmatian dog or a fellow dog lover, then why not enhance your gift by choosing one of our beautifully designed dog greeting cards from our shop, and wrapping your present in style by using our unique dog design wrapping paper and gift tags as a finishing touch?