I want something nicer than a plain stainless steel bowl

When it comes to buying the perfect bowl for your dog there are many choices and you don't have to opt for plain metal bowls if you don't want to. Our range of quality ceramic dog bowls are perfectly hygienic and strong and make the ideal serving dish for your pet's food.

What are the best bowls for dogs?

When it comes to choosing the right bowl for your dog you need to think about how easy it will be for your dog to eat out of, so consider the size of his head and mouth, as well as where you want the dog bowl to go. You can also consider the decor of your kitchen as if your dog bowl is going to sit permanently in prominent view then you will want it to match with your room, or at least look clean and presentable.

Should dog bowls be metal or ceramic?

There is nothing to say whether ceramic or metal is better for dogs and we offer both materials within our gift categories so you have the full choice for your particular pet. Which style, colour and design you choose will really depend on your own personal style and which one you think works best with your current kitchen decor, if that's where you feed your pet on a daily basis. With a range of high quality items to choose from in our shop, it's really up to you.

Should dog bowls be on the floor?

Where you put the dog food is up to you but for most dog owners, it tends to be left in a corner on the floor so the animal has easy access to it. Some owners ask should dogs use elevated feeders but it really depends on the comfort of your dog. Think about how they'd be eating out in the wild.

What kind of feeder is good for a small pet?

A smaller dog might struggle with a large or very deep feeder which is why we developed our heart-shaped Dachshund bowls which are perfect for any type of small dog. This choice sits lower to the ground with no high rims, and in a cute heart shape making it easier for your dog to access. This ceramic white design features a distinctive painting of a wire-haired Dachshund on the inside and comes with a ribbon tie, making it a wonderful gift for any small dog owner or someone who is food training a new puppy. There is also the more traditional shaped ceramic bowl featuring our stunning wire-haired Dachshund designs if the heart shape one doesn't appeal. This bowl is easily washable and the sides help to contain the dog food.

What about personalised pet food bowls?

A perfect gift for your new pup or for a friend's canine companion, is one of our unique personalised pet food bowls. These items will include a portrait of your dog created from a photograph on the inside, as well as his name in a design on the outside edge of the piece. They come with varying sizes and include hearts, bones or stars within the name design, for you to choose from. These are hand-painted earthenware and are completely dishwasher safe for added hygiene. We also offer another style of personalised earthenware bowls which feature a hand-drawn portrait of your dog on the front, combined with his name on the inside and decoration options including bones and hearts. This style is available in two sizes. If you prefer not to have a portrait of your pet on the bowls the other item is a personalised option which features only the name of the pet along with several choices of patterns and colours along the edge of the food bowls.

Do you have any travel bowls on your website?

If you like to take your dog travelling with you it can be a nightmare having to take heavy ceramic bowls in your luggage so we offer a range of travel bowls, including for both food and water, which are perfect for your pet. These are made from a light material making this product easily portable and the ideal feeders for when your pet needs to come with you on your travel adventures.

What if I don't want personalised dog bowls?

In addition to our range of personalised dog bowls, we also offer two categories featuring simpler designs. Our Wrendale design is a stainless steel choice which comes with a variety of dog illustrations and is easy to wipe clean. We also have ceramic dog bowls which come with a cute Rufus and Poppy design and are the perfect holders for any kind of pet food or water for your canine companion. So whether you are looking for a personalised option as a gift, or just general supplies we have all the choices you need.