Did you know?

Scottish Terrier dogs were originally bred to chase and kill rats and other vermin for farmers, making them fearless, determined and incredibly loyal and protective of their owners. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a Scottie dog lover, then the best place to start is on our Breeds page here, where you can see the full range of gifts dedicated to the Scottish Terrier or Westie, including mugs, personalised art and other items. As well as dog gifts we also offer beautiful greeting cards featuring your favourite Scottish Terrier dog, which are suitable for every occasion, from Christmas to birthdays and everything in between. For the working person, a Scottish Terrier umbrella and notebook means they can take their favourite dog to work with them, while they enjoy their morning coffee from one our our unique Scottie dog designs. The perfect gift combination. If you prefer reminders of your love for terriers around the house, then check out our Terrier range of tea towels, table place mats and coasters which could give your kitchen a brand new tartan Scottie dog makeover. You can find them all in our kitchenware section.

Fun facts about the Scottie Dog

Did you know that the Scottish Terrier actually has hair, rather than fur, so they are the perfect pet for anyone with allergies to pet fur as they are far less likely to trigger a reaction.

Gifts for your Scottish Terrier

If you are wanting to show your own Scottie or Westie dog just how much he is appreciated, then have a look at our range of personalised dog accessories as there are plenty to choose from. The bandana range is perfect for keeping your pet warm in the winter months, while a personalised food bowl makes the ideal dog gift. If he likes to have the occasional treat, what better way to reward him than from his own personalised treat bowl featuring his own unique Scotty dog face? We also offer natural dog food treats to go in the new bowl as well so you can get everything to spoil your Scotty in one place. Finally, whichever gift you decide to choose, whether it's for a dog or a dog lover, don't forget to team it with one of our greeting cards and you can finish off the dog theme by choosing from our range of stunning wrapping paper and gift tags featuring unique dog designs. All of our giftware range has been created using the work of talented British designers with the aim of bringing our love of our pets to life in our range of unique personalised presents. There really is something to suit every dog lover in our shop.