Elaine and Rupert
Elaine and Rupert signature

Hello, I’m Elaine and this is my partner in crime Rupert, my one-eared Westie.

Our relationship is very special and we have a big ambition to share and indulge our love of being together with others, and our passion for all things dog.

In Your Dog House brings together small independent Great British designers of high quality, contemporary dog products to present a delightful collection of beautifully wrapped gifts, homeware and dog accessories for every compassionate dog lover.

We also pride ourselves in offering a personalised service that compliments our simply automated ordering process.  Once your order is placed Rupert and I contact you personally so that you can drop us an email if you have any further questions. We also aim to dispatch products either the same day or with 24 hours of purchase.

All our profits go towards organising the #Great Dog Walk Together events. Our aim is to find more ways for people to enjoy the company of dogs to promote wellbeing.

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Here's what our designers think:

“I was delighted to be asked to join In Your Dog House Gifts and be part of this new and exciting venture for dog fans and designers! It's fantastic to work with a company that supports new British designers and provides a platform for us to showcase our talents.”

Laura Donnelly, Blue Ranchu Designs

"From your thoughtful and beautiful site, we can see you are aiming to offer something more unique and special than the usual ‘Dog Owner’ products already on the market.

We love sourcing independent, self-started businesses that have a story to tell and enjoy supporting and working alongside these people in our own business. We are also keen shoppers and are excited by original designs, something else your site offers.

And lastly, your campaign to promote well-being through contact with dogs and other dog owners strikes a very deep and personal note and we fully support ideas like these."

Sue and Louise, Poppy and Rufus