What are the best leads for dogs?

The best lead to choose for your dog is one that is strong, flexible and won't be easily pulled out of your hands while you are out walking. From cotton webbing leads to artisan leather leads, we have a full selection which will suit every dog owner and every dog. We also have a full range of matching collars to go with our leads.

What is the best lead to stop a dog from pulling?

If your dog likes to pull while out and about you might want to look at a harness as an option, rather than a collar and lead. It might be easier to control your dog that way and we have a number of dog harnesses available within our range.

What should I look for in a dogs lead?

When choosing your dogs lead you can think about how your dog behaves and how strong you need it to be. If you take your dog out in all weather you need to make sure the dog leads you are considering will work in wet weather and won't slip out of your hands.

Do dog leads come in different materials?

You might want to look at the different materials which dog leads are made of as well as considering what colour you prefer for your dog. You need your lead to be just right for your canine companion and to match well with any collars you already have.

Do you have any dog lead gift sets?

If you are looking to buy dog leads as a gift for another dog lover then check out our gift sets which include an adorable Christmas design, as well as a unique pink collar and leads option which is perfect for any size pooch. If you can't find the items that you are looking for on our website then you can contact our customer service team to ask about all of the offers we have in our shop and if there are any more choices of leads and collars to consider.