The Alpha Hounds

The Ultimate Dog Drying Robe


We are big dog owners and pride ourselves on colourful, quality products suitable for all breeds. These drying robes come in in 2 colours and 4 different sizes.

  • Two layers of thick cotton
  • Best choice fabric for sensitive skin
  • Reduces drying time by hours
  • Full tummy coverage
  • Boasts a long neck for those soggy ears

Perfect for wet walks/after swimming/hydrotherapy/bath. 

  • Save their beds and your sofas from being soaked
  • No more shivery walks back to the car
  • Easy to put on - slip the robe over their head and fasten the wide waist band.

Size help:

  • Length – measure from the base of the neck to the start of their tail
  • Side length – measure from the top of their back down their leg
  • Neck girth – important if choosing between sizes

Size guide:

  • Size / Length (not including the extra neck feature) / Side length / Neck girth
  • Small – 35cm / 19cm / 30cm
  • Medium – 46cm / 28cm / 42cm
  • Large – 50cm / 33cm / 50cm
  • Extra Large – 68cm / 34cm / 54cm

How to choose the correct size:

  • Know your dogs length: the base of their neck to the start of their tail
  • If your dog is 38cm for example, they’d suit a Medium. Check their neck is not bigger than 42cm – this will be your size.
  • If your dog is in-between sizes, we’d suggest choosing the larger size.

PLEASE NOTE If you need either a refund or to exchange the drying coat purchased, the cost of postage to return the item to the designer is the responsibility of the buyer.