The Backstage of the Puppy Petting Day

Today we are telling you the story behind a very popular event among students: "The Puppy Petting Day”. Both the University of Bristol and University of West England have organized these events.

dog lovers, students, puppy, puppy petting day, stress relief

We wanted to know why are they organizing these events and most importantly how. Here is what Grace Hawkins Taylor, the On-Ground Marketing Manager at University Cribs told us:

"Our petting days are focused on stress relief for students during exam periods when students hugely benefit from some worthwhile procrastination. Any pets, but puppies even more so, are scientifically proven to reduce stress and we find these days are amazing for students to forget about their worries and get lost in the puppy dog eyes and cuddles. 

puppies, students, puppy petting day, stress relief

We contact local shelters to see if they have any puppies and if they do, we try to bring these down. We also contact local puppy owners who kindly bring their puppies down for a couple of hours.”

The Dog Soc at University of Bristol will hopefully provide more dog events for all the students who love dogs. If you want to know more about our journey in setting up Dog Societies you can follow our blog here.

student, French Bulldog puppy, Puppy Petting Day, Stress Relief

 Written by Madalina Andreea Marinescu

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