7 Helpful Tips for a Clean Home and Dog

Many of us may think that it is impossible to have a dog AND a clean home. But with these seven helpful tips, we are sure you can keep your dog-friendly home fresh and clean. 

1. Dog Grooming Routine

Whether it’s done at home or by the professionals, one of the most crucial ways to keep your house clean is to take regular dog baths. Dogs appreciate a routine, so ensure that bathing consistent and predictable.

But remember! Excessive bathing can strip essential oils and dry the skin so only bath your dog every few months or feel free to consult your vet for advice. 

2. Wipe Your Dog Down

If your garden gets muddy make sure to keep an old towel by the door to wipe your dog’s paws before they enter. Also, it’s a good habit to remove loose dirt in between baths using special doggy wipes or a damp towel.

3. Brush Your Dog Regularly

Giving your dog a quick and regular brush outdoors will save you time and effort spent sweeping and hoovering inside the house. Regular brushing helps to minimise shedding and keeps your dog’s coat and skin healthy by distributing essential oils. This easy step makes for a happy dog and a happy house.

4. Keep Dirt Outside

To keep dirt outside it is essential to have a good quality doormat at every entrance. Not only is this a great way to keep your dog’s paws healthy but, it is also an easy method to trap dirt which can be shaken or hoovered throughout the week. We recommend Turtle Mats which come in a range of patterns, perfect for any dog owner.

5. Invest in Durable Decor

Investing in high quality and durable decor for the home is key when owning a dog. Choosing materials like leather are a blessing in disguise as they are easier to wipe down and clean. A good technique to prolong the life of your furniture is to lay blankets over your dog’s favourite spot and to wash these regularly.

Remember that your dog’s bed and blankets are like odour magnets, so they need regular washing too!

6. Weekly Hoover Routine

Some say hoover and some say vacuum but whichever you choose, it is your new best friend! You won’t regret investing in a hoover that is specifically designed for animal hair. Hoover your furniture and floors weekly and make sure to cover all the hard to reach areas under your sofa and behind the doors. As mentioned, if you remember to regularly brush your dogs outside then your hoovering time should be reduced. 

7. Clutter Control 

Having a designated dog toy storage will make a significant difference in keeping your home neat and tidy. An easy method is to place wooden or wicker baskets around the house and put toys away throughout the day. While you’re at it, a good habit is to check for wear and tear so that you can reduce your toy collection when they are too worn out! If you notice some toys are looking lonely and not getting the playtime they deserve then maybe think about donating them to your dog friends.


One of the quickest and simplest ways for a fresh-smelling home is to light a candle. Save it for guests or treat yourself as this is a sure way to smell great. Make sure to keep out of reach from your pup. 

If you have any tips and tricks for a fresh and clean home then comment below! 

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