7 Best French Bulldog Resources

We love reading articles about French bulldogs and learning more about them. If you feel the same about this lovely breed, then keep reading. Here are 7 best French Bulldog resources that you need to know more about!

French Bulldog Owner

frenchbulldogowner.com is the place to go if you are a current or potential Frenchie parent looking for French Bulldog advice, tips, and content. In addition to their lovely blog, frenchbulldogowner.com also release a new video on their YouTube every week showcasing the adventures of their Frenchie, Claude. 

French Bulldog Breed

Check out this website created for people who share a love, interest and enthusiasm for all things French Bulldog related. Here you will find personal experiences with raising and living with a Frenchie including photos, videos, articles and more. Whether its educational or purely for fun, we guarantee you will find interesting content on a regular basis.

The Bulldog Blog

The Bulldog Blog is a free resource where you can learn everything about this adorable breed. From puppy preparation to blogger's first-hand experiences of owning Ollie the Frenchie. The Bulldog Blog can’t wait to share what they have learnt from their own Bulldog journey. 

French Bulldog Secrets

Frenchbulldogsecrets.com hold all the tips and tricks that you need for a smooth French Bulldog journey. If you need grooming tips, dietary needs, fashion inspiration or general love and care, they got you covered. 

Wheres the Frenchie

We are excited to share Where’s the Frenchie with you, a unique destination of chic dog-friendly travel guides and lifestyle for the modern dog parent. Here you will find homemade dog food recipes, lifestyle tips, modern and chic interior design inspiration and much more. 

Peace Love and Frenchie Farts

Here we have a Frenchie mom sharing all of her love, care tips, treat recipes and everyday adventures with her 4 adorable pooches; Zeke, Yoda, Luna and Okja. Her content is so relatable, and we know you will love it!


Finally, we have a website which was created to help make life easier for you and your Frenchie. Feel confident in your dog parenting skills by utilising guides on pet insurance, summer and winter care, airplane travel, introducing new pets and much more. 

Don’t forget to check out our unique and stylish French Bulldog themed gifts, perfect for any dog lover! Comment any other Frenchie resources that you find useful below!

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