6 Best Dachshund Blogs - Everything Sausage Dog Lovers Need to Know

If you love these charming little canines just as much as we do, then you NEED to check out these Dachshund themed blogs. We have collected blogs dedicated to helping you live a happier and longer life with your Dachshund!

I Love Dachshunds


Dedicated to all thing’s dachshunds, ilovedachshunds.com is a resource to give dachshund owners or people thinking about getting a dachshund an easy way to get to the answers they need. Here you will find the answers the most popular dachshund questions or reviews the best dog products and services on the market.  

Dachshund Station


We love dachshundstation.com, it is a great online resource if you are looking for lots of tips, recommendations and helpful resources to guide you through your Dachshund journey including puppy training, nutrition, exercise and care. 

You Did What with Your Weiner


You Did What with Your Wiener is a blog all about hiking and camping with small dogs. Here you can learn how to enjoy the outdoors with your pooch, discover dog-friendly places to travel and learn how to keep your dog healthy. 

Dachshund Health


Look no further for all your educational needs and use this detailed resource for the UK Dachshund community. Here they work for the benefit of Dachshunds and their owners covering health priorities, Dachshund care, breeding tips and more.

For My Dachshund


This website was created to help you get to know your Dachshund better or to help you to get to know the breed if you are thinking of getting one. They answer the most frequently asked questions about Dachshunds backed up with over 100 years of personal experience.

The Paws


Although this blog is not solely dedicated to Dachshunds, this wonderful breed is heavily featured. It's a great place to go to laugh about all the funny and wonderful Dachshund images out there! 

We hope you love these Dachshund blogs! Please comment below any recommendations we may have missed!

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

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