What It's All About, and How You Can Get Involved

So you've heard of our walk, and you're interested. Amazing! Here you can find out what the walks are all about, and in what ways you can join in. We've got loads of resources available to help you get involved as much or as little as you like.


What is the Great Dog Walk Together all about?

As we highlighted in a previous blog post: the aim of the #GreatDogWalkTogether is to encourage people to arrange a community walk, invite everyone to join in, with or without a dog, and enjoy the company of others to promote wellbeing. 

Where is it? 

Everywhere. The idea of The Great Dog Walk Together is that a multitude of walks till take place, all over the UK, but at the same time on the same day. That's what makes it a 'great' walk! The size of the group you go walking with doesn't matter (although the more the merrier). You can find a list of organised walks on our website here, but if there isn't one near you - why not organise your own? This blog post will help. 

Do I need a dog to join in? 
Not at all! Obviously it will be a dog walk, but we're encouraging everyone to join in, dog or not. Maybe if you're trying to persuade a partner or parent to get you a dog, you could drag them along, too... 

Does it cost?

No - it's all completely free!


Is it to do with charity? 

We're organising the walks in line with the Great Get Together weekend, as organised by the Jo Cox Foundation, which is a registered charity. But the walks are not affiliated with any charity. 


Why should I do it? 

There are so many benefits to walking and talking to new people. Being outside, socialising with humans and dogs alike, will greatly improve your health and wellbeing, which is the whole aim of these events! If you need even more persuading, you can see our other blog post on 6 Reasons To Start a Conversation here.

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