How You Can Organise Your Dog Walk

We're so pleased you've decided to host your own dog walk as part of the Great Dog Walk Together! Here's some information on how you can organise your walk.

1. Sign up on our website
Go onto and under 'Submit your walk', you can enter in all the details for your walk. You'll need a location and meeting point, so it's best to have a whole route with starting/ending points planned for your walkers. 

2. Receive factsheet, poster and advice on walking safely 

Once you've submitted your walk, the details come through to us and we publish your walk on the website. We then send back to you a factsheet, with details on how you can promote your walk, as well as a poster that you can use. We'll also give you more information on walking safely, insurance etc. We are currently working on a FAQ, so you can be completely clued up! 

3. Start promoting your walk! 

The walk is on our website, you've got all of our tips and tricks to best promote it - now it's your turn! We'd recommend creating a Facebook event for your walk, and you can also share that in our Facebook group
We've also got a social media pack for you to use and share, which we can send you. That includes a Facebook event cover photo, a Facebook group header photo, and a Twitter banner.
Get as active on social media as you can - post pictures of your dogs on your event pages, or in our group. We'd love to see who you're walking with.
The purpose of these walks is to promote wellbeing and bring people together via the company of dogs. So the most important thing is to enjoy it!

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Great Dog Walk Together On the 23rdJune 2018 we are organising the #GreatDogWalkTogether to promote wellbeing and encourage people to get together and celebrate what they have in common.
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