5 Wonderful Reasons For Walking With Dogs

Take me out for a dog walk

Here’s why walking with a dog is so enjoyable. If you have a dog, that’s great but if you don’t then come and join in with the Great Dog Walk Together on the 23rd June and meet someone who has!

They’re great company

When you walk with a dog you often end up talking to others or they end up talking to you.  A simple greeting or exchange of words and then you move on!  It’s so easy to talk to people when there’s a dog around!

It gets you outdoors and active

Outdoors yes, active questionable when you take a sniffing Westie for a walk who loiters at every tree and lamp post! However when you get out and about you never know who you might meet. It could be someone you already know!

 Walking a dog

Dogs come with Humans

Strike up a conversation with a dog and you may get to know the owner as well (if you want to that is) it’s a lovely way of starting a conversation.

They never answer you back

It’s so easy to talk to a dog. What’s your name, how old are you, aren’t you cute! We’d never be so forward with humans but it is lovely having someone to talk to especially when you know that they are not going to answer you back.

Because they appreciate it

Walking with a dog is so rewarding because they really appreciate it.  They get to have some fun and exercise outdoors and so do you

 Group of people going for a dog walk

 The Great Dog Walk Together
In 2018 the #GreatDogWalkTogether is being launched. It will take place across the UK on Saturday 23 June 2018 at 11am.
 The aim of the #GreatDogWalkTogether is to encourage people to arrange a community walk, invite everyone to join in, with or without a dog, and enjoy the company of others to promote wellbeing. 
Join the Great Dog Walk Together Facebook group for more details

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