Separation Anxiety - How to ensure your dog copes after lockdown ends

Help for dog loversIf you have been at home working for several weeks, you may now be planning your return to work. Here's some tips on how best to prepare your dog if they will be spending time alone.

Start off by pretending you are back at work so that your dog can get use to you not being around quite so much.  Create a daily schedule in order to get your dog use to a routine. Try working in one room and keeping your dog in a separate room. Start slowly and then build up to a couple of hours.

If you normally crate train for when you are out of the house try re introducing this as part of your routine, whilst you are still at home.

Try giving a treat when you leave your dog alone, whilst you work in a different part of the house and don't make a fuss when you return. Treats that take longer to eat like frozen kongs or even puzzles, that they have to figure out, can keep them busy and happy while you're gone.

Labrador dog

Start to introduce separation for example don't take your dog with you when you go out to exercise.  Introduce routine into your dog walks that is similar to what you would do if you were back at work.

Ease back into a routine once restrictions start to relax by going out for longer and longer periods without your dog. ,

Where possible re introduce family or dog walkers to check in on your dog if this is what they do whilst you are at work.  Get them involved before you return.

Allow for some adjustment time so try and take things gradually.  If anxiety is severe or persists then you could consider a natural calming treat such as one containing chamomile or speak to your vet about anti anxiety medication.

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