5 Special Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Fathers day mug for dog lovers

Best Dad Ever Mug

Aren’t dads brilliant, Rupert our Westie definitely thinks so! Here at In Your Dog House Gifts, when our dad sends us lots of pictures of Rupert, we know where we stand in the pecking order.  So we’ve created our annual Fathers Day gift guide to help you find the best gifts for dog - loving dads.

This "Best Dad Ever" white ceramic Pug Mug traditionally illustrated with pen and watercolour is perfect for the coffee drinking dad. You can personalise it to make him the star of the mug.

Mugs Galore

Mug featuring various dog breeds

If your dad loves a certain breed that is not a biggie. We have lots of mugs for a variety of dog breeds from Border Terrier to Golden Retriever including these for any dog lover.

Where the Heart Is

Dog themed ceramic hearts

We love these little hearts from Dimbleby Ceramics. You can choose from a list of breeds the one that your dad loves the most.

Finally, these personalised prints produced from a photograph of your dog make wonderful affordable forever gifts for your Dad, that he'll treasure.

Picture this

 Personalised dog themed prints

For more suggestions and dog themed gift inspirations, visit our website.

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We aim to create a dog loving community that will support our campaign to enable more people to enjoy the company of dogs. To find out more please visit our website.


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