How to Keep your Dog Happy During Coronavirus Lockdown

Dog staying healthy

Are you looking for more things to do with your dog during this extended Conoravirus lockdown period? We've been so impressed with all the different challenges you can join and things to learn that we've compiled this list for you. 

Do you have advice on how to ensure dogs get exercise they need?

Snigging westie dog

Rachel Spencer from The Paw Post spoke to Diane Kasperowicz, a dog trainer and behaviourist and author of Beyond the Bowl, for her tips on keeping dogs healthy. Here's her advice. 

With reduced walks for some dogs, we can feel we are not giving our dogs enough exercise. Dogs live in a world of scent and giving your dog more sniffing opportunities will not only exhaust their brain but also use the muscles in the body.

It’s a big misconception that dogs need to be running around off lead for at least an hour every day. I focus on slowing things down with most owners. Give your dog time to sniff on walks, one day a week allow your dog to choose where they want to go.

These ‘sniffaris’ can be a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your dog and something you do ‘together.’Twenty minutes of scentwork will be more beneficial than an hours running around in the park.

Activities to try indoors

Keeping dogs entertained indoors

Julie Francis from Bur-Babies has written a blog on Indoor Activities and Games for your dog

Rikki Sullivan from PoochVille has created some short videos with easy things you can do at home with your dogs  -

Here's some more links to activities you can try at home 

Canine Hoopers – how to enjoy it with your dog

Fiona Rigg shares how to try  Doga or Dog Yoga

Paw-lates – how Pilates can help your dog

Running with your dog – tips from DogFit UK

Mindful living with your dog with Caroline Wilkinson

Claire Lawrence who runs High Peak Dog Services in Derbyshire has a Coping With Coronavirus Challenge taking place.

Suzanne Gould from Edinburg Holistic Dogs has set up the Edinburgh Dog Owners Survival Group.

Alex Graves from Rove Pets in Essex has come up with nine enrichment games to exercise your dog’s mind.

Caroline Wilkinson from Barket Place is running free online masterclasses and interviewing experts about all kinds of fascinating things.

Sarah Robinson from Frank and Jellys Dog Product Reviews has free exercise classes for dogs and owners

Tam Wilson from Born 2 Run pet care in Dipton, Stanley, has set up a Boredom Busters Facebook Group.Born 2 Run Boredom Busters

Rikki Sullivan from Poochville in London is doing Doggy Diaries with short videos showing how to keep dogs entertained at home.

For senior dogs, Joe Nutkins from Dog Training for Essex and Suffolk has a Senior Dogs fun training class you can do

AND FINALLY........ Special thanks to Rachel Spencer from The Paw Post who has give us permission to include her suggestions.

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