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We are launching our campaign to enable more people to enjoy the company of dogs. We’re starting with setting up dog societies in universities.

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 What is Dog Soc all about?

  • To enable students to enjoy the company of dogs, especially if they’ve left one at home
  • An opportunity to bring people with a common interest in dogs together
  • Creating a supportive, dog-loving community

 What gave us the idea?

  • The recent coverage in the news about the need for people to talk about their mental health (particularly the Heads Together campaign amongst others), and the rise in mental health issues in universities and the need to address this.
  • The statistic that 70 per cent of students described themselves as being lonely upon leaving home for university, and the fact that students miss their own dogs.
  • Finding information supporting the fact that dogs can improve well-being, as well as the rising popularity of using dogs to help students with exam stress.

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  Why are we doing it?

  • We believe there are not enough events and activities that bring people and dogs together, and we know that dogs can be hugely beneficial in helping with loneliness, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.
  • We feel that people are responding well to the use of dogs and are interested in the idea.

 Have you we any interest so far?

  • We already have one university on board, and we have started the ball rolling by gaining huge interest straight, away simply by word of mouth.
  • We have also had numerous people contacting us to find out more about the project and provide suggestions of their own.

 What are our biggest challenges?

  • Negotiating safety regulations and vetting processes with new members and with the provision of dogs.
  • Finding dogs
  • Finding charities to come on board.

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 What help do we need in making this work?

We need other universities and charities to come on board, and for people to raise awareness of our cause. How can you help?

  • If you’re local, and with a dog, you can offer to get involved.
  • You can spread the word to encourage support for our project.
  • You can visit our Facebook page, twitter, website and blog to find out more about us and follow our journey.

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Get Involved in our Campaign #togetherisbetter

Please share our campaign ideas, offer your suggestions and ideas for how more people can enjoy the company of dogs.

  • Follow us, like us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with the campaign.
  • Retweet, repost and share content on social media, by email, on work and community websites or blogs and directly with friends, colleagues and family.
  • Share your stories of how you have enjoyed the company of dogs when you are unable to own one and other things you are doing such as sharing a dog with an elderly neighbour, walking dogs from a local dog’s home. Please tag #Togetherisbetter in your updates so we can engage with you too, share your messages, images and videos.


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 Written by Elena Holmes


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My learning to cope with depression and anxiety has been helped by owning a dog. My George is a four year old black lab. My constant companion.

Angela Grew April 29, 2017

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