These Are the Top 5 Gifts for A Dachshund Lover

We know our Dachshund friends are obsessed with Dachsy goodies. So we have put together a quick list of the 5 must have gifts for a dachshund loving friend of family member – whether you own a dachshund or not there is no denying these make the perfect gifts.


1: Dachshund Tote Bag

 dachshund tote bag sausage dog bag

We at In Your Dog House Gifts go on and on about this bag, but that is because not only are we crazy about it you are too. This makes THE perfect gift, colour, cute, high quality, and the perfect size for an everyday go to.  

2: Floral Dachshund Artwork

dachshund art

If you are a Dachshund lover shouldn’t your home décor match? This beautiful painting features dainty flowers, and can be purchased framed – giving a contemporary home feel, or unframed – leaving you to pick out the perfect frame that suits your loved ones’ taste.  

3: Dashing Dachshund Makeup Bag

sausage dog makeup bag

We cannot think of anyone who wouldn’t want to receive this adorable makeup bag. Whether a Sausage Dog owner, or just a lover of dogs this high-quality print makeup bag would make anyone happy.

4: Dachshund Ceramic Heart

 dachshund gift Sausage dog gift

If you’re looking for something unique look no further. This hanging Dachshund heart is a unique little gift that can give a homely touch with a high-end finish. Available in two colours, this means you can purchase according to preference!

5: Cushion

dachshund cushion

A statement cushion is a gift that cannot be wrong. In Your Dog House Gifts features a range of Dachshund cushions, and we have selected the new landscape tan Dachshund item! As an extra bonus to the amazing doggy décor this cushion range includes delivery!

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Written by Zoe Harris

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