How Does Dog-Sharing Work?


We are setting up a Dog-Sharing project - find out how dog-sharing works and why you should get involved. 

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What is Dog-Sharing all about?

  • Allowing people to enjoy the company of dogs even if they don't own one themselves
  • Promoting the companionship of dogs as a way to improve well-being, promote a happy lifestyle, and bring people together over a shared interest

So what would this involve?

  • This could mean organising group dog-walks or getting together to be around dogs and meet like-minded individuals
  • Sharing stories about the benefits of dog companionship and contributing ideas to help others who could benefit

Why are we doing it?

  • Nearly 70 per cent of British people are lonely, and over half of people over 75 live alone 
  • Research shows dogs can help with loneliness, and both physical and mental health
  • We want to bring more people and dogs together to benefit from one another's company, even if people's lifestyles mean they cannot own a dog themselves

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How did we begin and what do we want to achieve?

  • We first saw the project as a space to allow people to meet others willing to share dog companionship with them
  • We now want to develop the idea so as to create a space for people to discuss and arrange informal ways of getting together with dogs, and with each other. 

What have we done so far?

We have set up a Facebook community page to provide a space for people to organise dog walks and dog-shares, and to share their experiences and ideas, which can be found here.

What help do we need making this work?

  • We need people to spread the word about Dog-Sharing and share their stories and ideas
  • We value any ideas about how to develop this project








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Written by Elena Holmes

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