Give A Dog A Better Life This Christmas

Christmas is all about giving, why not give a dog a better life this Christmas Twitter click through… 

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At In Your Dog House Gifts we are all about helping dogs lead happier lives, and we know fellow dog lovers feel the same way. But not many people know there are so many little things you can do to improve a dog’s life!


  • Adopt don’t shop

This is one we here at In Your Dog House Gifts have said many times and fully support! 1000 of dogs are homeless, left in shelters and many have been in there far longer than they should be. Dogs are for life, not just for Christmas – if you are thinking of getting a dog this Christmas season why not give a dog a second, third, fourth maybe eighth chance at a good loving home, be understanding and patient. Adopting a dog is saving a life and can be a truly rewarding experience.

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  • Ways to help but not own?

Think local! In your area there is always small charities that need help – from shelters, to individuals who could need some help walking their pets! We know not everyone can own a dog so this is the perfect opportunity for a dog lover to spend some quality time with a dog and really help the dog and the owners out at the same time!

We are local to the Bristol area, United Kingdom – so we have done a little research an association that are fabulous and really rely on the volunteers help!



The Cinnamon Trust charity provide care for the animals of those who find themselves in need. A specialist national charity that helps relieve the stress and anxieties the elderly, and terminally ill, face when it comes to their beloved pets. They help provide daily walks for those who are house bound, fetch food a drink for those who are unable to do so and help give that extra bit of attention where it is needed. Cinnamon Trust logoPeople depend on charities like
Cinnamon Trust to look after their loved animals when it comes to a time when they cannot. Places like Cinnamon Trust depend on the generosity of others to stay running, and they are desperate for people to join them and donate their time to help with this amazing cause. If this sounds like something you would love to do fill out a form today!



We found these 11 things which may get you inspired to dedicate spare time to dog shelters!


  • Dog Walking Partners

Of course there are big branches that allow you to take part in dog walking without owning a dog! Borrow My Doggy is a well-established company who gives everyone the best of both worlds. Owners can rest easy knowing their loved dogs are getting the company and exercise whilst they can’t be at home, the walkers get to build up quality time with dogs as well as being a great form of exercise, and the dogs are always in company and living well fulfilled days!

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Over the Christmas period, and the whole year there is plenty you can do to help our four-legged friends. The sad part is after Christmas these charities may need even more help, so everyone who is planning to get a dog this Christmas should be prepared and ready for a dog for life!

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Once In Your Dog House Gifts site is fully up and running we aim to donate a percentage of our profits to dog charities to do our part. We are very excited for this to finally come around – and once it does we will be asking you to pick which charities you want our profits to go to each quarter! We may start out small but we will build up – like we said every bit large or small helps!



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