So You Want a Boxer This Christmas?


Happy Boxer dogThere has been a sore in interest since the John Lewis advert was released. A huge 300% rise in the searches for trampolines has taken off – which is great, we are going to see a lot of happy active children this Christmas.

But the sad side is we see dog ‘trends’ arise all the time, and the Boxer dog breed seems to be next.

The popular advert tugged on our heart strings, and we love the John Lewis advert as much as everyone else! Every year we eagerly await the iconic ad., because not only are they always fabulous, but it also means we are the little bit closer to Christmas.

But when a certain breed blows up in popularity unregulated puppy farms start to see business. Do not go rushing out to buy a Boxer puppy because of a ‘trend’, a dog should be chosen based on the time you have, and the space you have, and most importantly a connection with you and your family.

Boxer dog

Unregulated puppy farms catch onto popular trends in the dog markets, and as Boxer puppy interest is now rising (by a huge 100%) people are fearing that the Boxer breed is soon to become victim to this mistreatment. Other breeds we have seen undergo this treatment based on their ‘popularity’ have resulted in close breeding. Many vets called for squishy faced dogs, such as French Bulldogs, Pugs, and shih-tzus, to stop being bred, after a surge in development of health issues such as bulging eyes, and breathing issues. These issues then lead to numerous numbers of this adorable breeds to be left homeless after owners no longer wanted/could cater to the breeds health issues.



No dog should be left without a home so adopt don’t shop, and remember to pick a dog based on connection not a trend!

If you know you are a lover of the Boxer, Frenchie, Pugs, or other popular dog breeds have a look in dog shelters and give these wonderful dogs another chance in a happpy home - a truly rewarding experience!

If you are on the look out for a new dog why not particpate in dog sharing or walking (i.e. Borrow My Doggy) and see what dog is best for you and your family.

Children with puppy (family friendly)



With love Rupert the Westie

Rupert the Westie



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Written by Zoe Harris

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