Struggling to Find that Perfect Gift for a Dog Lover?

Christmas is fast approaching, approaching way faster than we thought… only 12 days to go?! Struggling to find that perfect present this Christmas? Well if they are a dog lover then look no further, our blog is packed full of perfect gifts that any dog lover could dream of.


#1 The best seller!

London Pooch’s abstract print tote bag is our best seller, the perfect accessory with a splash of colour. The strong cotton tote makes the perfect every day for a sausage dog lover.

Dachshund print tote

#2 Pug Mug

The ever loyal mug gift, but for a pug lover a pug mug is essential! We stock plenty of pug mugs, but Lola Design is our daintiest, thin china, detailed artist sketch with tiny floral details in the ears!

pug fairy

#3 Christmas Mug

It’s Christmas time! How can anything go wrong with this gift? A range of dog breeds with a festive snowflake background.

Festive dog mug

#4 Thermal

A thermal travel mug, the perfect gift for the cold season. After the Christmas spirit is over and we all start going back to work and school, this gift will come into full swing, fill it up with coffee, hot chocolate, tea etc. and you are ready to face those cold January mornings in style.

Scottie print thermal mug

#5 Makeup!

We cannot express how much we adore these dog print makeup bags! Available in three different colours the dog print makeup bags are a must have for any dog lover!

Blue dog print makeup bag yellow dog print makeup bag

#6 Notebooks

Practical yet adorable. A new notebook makes the perfect gift ready for that January fresh start.

Border Terrier notebook

#7 Notebooks!

Can we just stress, adorable yet practical. We love London Pooch’s range of notebooks featuring the adorable Dachshund.

Dachshund print notebook

#8 Tote bag

You cannot go wrong with this tote bag. One for the all-round dog lover, multiple dog breeds – spot the Shar Pei!

Dog print tote bag

#9 Framed images

We have a huge range of framed images. This Spaniel print follows Lola Design dainty floral theme, find many more breeds in this range to make the perfect gift for your dog loving partner!

 Spaniel print wall art

#10 Another best seller

The adorable Frenchie mug, need we say more!

French Bulldog mug - Frenchie mug


Then how can you wrap a that perfect picked out present in anything other than more dog print! Choose from our fabulous dog print wrapping paper by Mary Kilvert to complete the gift.

Dog print wrapped presents Dog print Christmas wrapping paper

We hope this gives you some inspiration for those last minute Christmas gifts. Happy shopping, and we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


 With love Rupert the Westie 

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Written by Zoe Harris


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