Five Fantastic Online Dog Communities Every Dog Lover Needs to Know About

Finding the ideal communities and everyday services for your dog can be a an arduous task if you don't know where to look and who to trust. So we've decided to list some of our favourite go-to dog directories where you can meet more dog people, keep track of the latest news and locate the businesses who can offer you specific dog care services.


A 'One Stop Shop' for dog owners, K9 Nation is heralded as one of the ultimate dog directories. Its community feel gives owners the chance to connect directly with each other to discuss all things man's best friend. Available on both Android and iOS mobile devices, it's smart listing service makes all the more difference to help businesses feel comfortable about joining the marketplace. You'll find countless features which allow you to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and community discussions. One of the more unique facets of K9 Nation is the educational content it provides to help new dog owners and new businesses to navigate their local canine community. 


Dotty4Paws offers its sole dedication to ensuring that all dogs, dog owners and dog people can link to each other via a community-style directory service. The idea is that humans and their furry friends can become even closer through a diverse and well bred marketplace. This service hosts endless possibilities across the board, such as accommodation, events, eateries, attractions and gifts, all of which is tied down to fulfilling the needs of dogs and dog lovers. Dotty4Paws wants people to live life with their canine companion to the full and their simple, quick and efficient directory allows its users to sniff out something new with each interaction. 


Dog Furiendly is all about dog friendly places. It's a site dedicated to finding places for you to visit with your four-legged friends.  This is where you can find dog friendly things to do, places to eat, drink and stay visit including cafes, restaurants, hotels.  There is also an events section, where you can select dog themed events and recommendations for dog services including vets, groomers and pet shops.  They have a free app on Apple and Android.


Professional Dog Businesses UK assorts a tremendous collection of dog service businesses and provides great clarity of each and every one. This hub is all about providing care and comfort to our beloved dogs and as a specialist website suggests only the best. These businesses are all verified through the most detailed checks and also offer a tremendous range of help and support services. This guarantees you and your dogs the best everyday experiences whether it be grooming, boarding, day care or simply just walking. PDBUK is also key in allowing new dog services to make an immediate impression and draw instant attention to what they have to offer. PDBUK works best on recommending dog owners to their most local professional services but most importantly makes sure that all of their associated businesses use force-free methods of care and communication.


Pet World Directory is probably the best dog directory as far as social media engagement goes. There’s a solid emphasis on maintaining open communication with those frequently using the site to find the best services for their day-to-day dog care. Slightly more nifty with a built-in tool which shows users all dog businesses in their area displayed on to a map feature that gives it an obvious advantage in showing clarity, over its online directory competitors. They are a family-run site and free to users as well as new start-up businesses in the UK with the basic package. Businesses’ contact details are clearer than ever before with a direct contact name, number and email address in a placeholder alongside a click-through image to the person’s business website. PWD must also take great admiration in their social feed display, as they show imperative fundamentals of any dog loving individual. This evidently shows a close working relationship with the UK dog welfare sectors such as: missing dogs, adverts for dogs on the adoption waiting lists, news of major puppy intakes and dog safety notices.


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