5 Great Gifts For All the Mums This Christmas

Thinking of treating mum to some dog themed gifts this Christmas? Look no further than our esteemed product collections, all made in Britain and fit for multi-purpose action.

Here we've selected a five quality IYDH products for you to have a look at during your Christmas shopping for one of the most important people in your life.

#1 - Pack of Proud Pooches Dog Themed Apron - (Designed by: Mary Kilvert)


Show them who's boss. Allow mum to take centre stage of the kitchen in this glorious and diversely designed apron, host to all of our beloved dog friends! Handmade, pure cotton and an adjustable neck strap, oh so precious and simply perfect for any true dog loving mums out there.

#2 - Mum Pug Mug - (Designed by: Katy Ferrari)

Pug Mug
Mum's the word. This high quality mug is rich with vibrant colour and an artsy wrap around illustration which provides a wholesome, long-lasting feel to this classy piece of ceramic. One for the pug loving mums of this world.

#3 - Pug Scatter Cushion - (Designed by: Walter And Florence)

More pugs, just because.. This stylish chic cushion comes with the glitz and glamour of the 1950s, all while holding plumpness of phenomenal proportions. Multi-functional for any chair, sofa or bed, comfort is its cure and illustration is its elegance.

#4 - Black Labrador Cosmetic Bag Gift Set (Designed by: Samantha Hall Designs)

Black Labrador Cosmetic Bag Gift Set

All good things come in threes. This adorable eco-friendly Black Labrador Cosmetic bag gift set comes with a pouch, notebook and a matching card. The bag allows for many forms of storage, whether it be make up, travel accessories or even just for show! Lined with cotton calcio, it's bound to catch mum's eye with its hand painted selection of black Labrador poses.

The notebook is a necessity for those mums who are always on the go and never miss a chance to make a note of something. The A5 size makes it small enough to carry but big enough to make the difference.

#5 - Wire Haired Dachshund Coasters  (Designed by: Blue Ranchu)

Wire Haired Dachshund Coasters

Daxi's the Charm. One to complete the kitchen set, these hard wearing, hard resistant Dachshund coloured coasters could be just what mum is looking for. Bringing the energy to your home all the way from Scotland, these are a must have for the modern home and kitchen.

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