5 Of The Best Pug Gifts That You Will LOVE

Got a partner who is crazy about pugs, a mum who couldn’t live without a pug cuddle, a dad who’s best friend has 4 hairy legs and grunts like a pig?              click to tweet

Then these top 5 pug gifts will make for the perfect present for them on any occasion.

Number 1. The Pug Print


Crazy about pugs? Want your home to be filled with everything pug? This subtle, contemporary and artist print is a wonderful addition to the home. Fuel your pug homeware obession with stylish and elegant designs
Lola Design Pug Print

Number 2. The Pug Case

Makeup lover and dog lover? Combine your two loves with this adorable makeup bag! 

Katy Ferrari Pug makeup bag

Number 3. The Tote

Need we say more? The classic tote bag, a must have accessory – and featuring your favourite dog breed in this contemporary graphic design makes it so much better!

Innabox Pug Tote Bag















Number 4. Pug Mugs

If your home doesn’t feature a pug mug are you really even a pug lover? This adorable cartoon design makes the perfect gift.

Innabox Pug Mug

Number 5. More Pug Mugs!

Yes we know Pug mugs are the favourite pug products so of course we listened to you and featured two. This adorable design features one squishy pug face, with some seriously talented watercolour brush strokes.

Lola Design Pug Mug   Katy Ferrari Pug Mug


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Written by Zoe Harris

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