Help Fight the Cold with Adorable Home Comfort

Baby it’s cold outside!

I think we have all noticed that since October the temperature has dropped and the dark morning have started to sneak up on us. So this blog is entirely dedicated to a selection of In Your Dog House Gifts’ cushion range! Ready to pack out your beds, sofas, or armchairs for the winter period of cuddling down in the warmth of your homes after a long day at work or a cold dog walk!

1. Larry the Sausage Dog:

Mary Kilvert Sausage dog cushion


Bring a pop of colour to your home, nothing brings a homelier and warm-welcoming feel than colour and cushions – so combine the two!.

3. Mix it up:

We love this cushion – featuring multiple breeds for those dog lovers who love any and all dogs (who doesn’t!?) in a cute illustration design with little pops of colour.

Mary Kilvert dog breed cushion

4. Pack of Sausages:

Mary Kilvert Dachshund cushion

One for the Dachshund lovers, again and again, the adorable repeat print Dachshund trying on a variety of different outfits!



If you have a specific breed that you wish to have on a gift and we have not yet mentioned, please comment below!


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Written by Zoe Harris


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