What does being a walk organiser involve?

So you're interested in joining the Great Dog Walk Together, but there's no walk in your area. You could sigh, maybe moan about it on Twitter, plan something else for the 23rd June. 
Or... maybe.. you could organise your own walk? 
It may seem daunting if you're not the organisational type, but in this blog we're going to tell you just how easy it is and what resources we have to help you.


The Great Dog Walk Together is all about promoting wellbeing via the company of dogs. You get together with your local community, all the dog lovers you never knew lived 5, 10 minutes away from you, and take a leisurely walk around your home town. 


What does being an organiser actually involve?

As a walk organiser, we're asking you to find a location in your local area that you think would be best for large group dog walking.

Once you've got a location, you can submit your walk on our website under 'Submit walk' and fill out the relevant information. 


Worried about insurance? A risk assessment? Permission? 

All of these questions and more are answered in our FAQs document. 

When you've signed up through the link above, we send you these FAQs as well as a factsheet and poster with additional information on how you can promote your walk. We also have a social media pack if you like, but all the information on that is in the email you'll receive.

The most important thing we'd love for you to do is set up a Facebook event around your walk. This increases awareness and provides a platform for the community to start getting to know each other and introduce their dogs! 


What if no one comes on your walk? 

The 'Great' part of the Great Dog Walk Together is not the amount of people on each individual walk, but the amount of walks taking place across the UK on the same day at the same time. So even if it just turns out to be you and one or two other people, friends or strangers, you can count it as a success! Stroll around with the dogs, start a conversation with your new or old friends and enjoy spending time together.


Happy to organise a walk but don't have time to promote it?

Not a problem - that's what we're here for! Once you've submitted your walk on the website, we'll publish the listing for you and get to work increasing your media coverage. The only thing we do ask is that you create the Facebook event for your walk, as this helps us massively in getting your walk published on local websites and across social media. 


If you still have any uncertainties or questions, please email us on hello@greatdogwalktogether.com  


We look forward to your walk submission! 


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Great Dog Walk Together On the 23rdJune 2018 we are organising the #GreatDogWalkTogether to promote wellbeing and encourage people to get together and celebrate what they have in common.
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