Bags of Gift Ideas for Any Dog-Lover

All of us need somewhere nice to put our shopping, makeup, stationary, or general bits and bobs. We want to help you give the ultimate useful gift to someone this year that will also help them carry themselves with style and get a handle on organising all the little items that are guaranteed to get lost unless they're put in one place.

On trips away or to the shops, you'll need something roomy to carry all of your bigger items or lots of little ones. As Gifts for Him or Her, we've got a great collection of shopping bags, from the artsy...

Black, yellow and white tote bag with Dachshunds admiring art

London Pooch Dachshund Pollock Tote Bag (£20)

... to the best-dressed...

White tote bag with different breeds of dressed-up dogs

Mary Kilvert Doggy Tote Bag (£12). Amongst all these fancy dogs you must be able to spot your favourite breed! 

... to the beautiful...

Brown tote bag with white and brown fabric cockapoo

Gingeroo's stunning jute bags (£9.50). With the delicate patterns of her fabric dogs, you'd never guess how tough these jute bags are.

... to the sturdiest bags around...

Poppy & Rufus Oilcloth Travel Bag (£85). Perfect for keeping your dog's things in too for Christmassy visits this year or for holidays next year.


As a great Gift for Her, here are two of our beautiful makeup bags...

These are Blue Ranchu's wintery-blue Westie Accessories Bag (£16), and Katie Ferrari's cosy, scarf-clad Dachshund Makeup Bag (£15). If you think dogs and accessories sound like a match made in heaven for someone this Christmas, have a look at our whole range to get the right style and breed.

Check out our whole range of bags here, you're sure to find the perfect one for a friend this Christmas.


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