Wren & Rye

Ocean Sparkle Pooch & Pooch Parent BowDangle Set


We know it isn’t always practical to dress your dog in their Sunday best, after all, they’re mischief-makers at heart… And we love them for it!

BowDangles give you the ability to express your dog’s unique personality, whatever the occasion. On the cold and crisp Monday morning walk, their first trip out to the beach or just lazing around on a Sunday afternoon.

Twin up with your dog when you leave for your walk and show off your unbreakable bond with your pooch!  


BowDangles are a Wren & Rye original dog accessory, meticulously designed and lovingly made in the UK, to millimetre precision. When you want something of the highest quality, with a low carbon footprint and just that little bit special, trust small UK businesses.


BowDangles attach to your dog’s collar in the same way as a pet tag or collar charm. They pack all the punch of a bow tie, but are smaller and infinitely more durable! Being made of thick perspex, this bow tie can be wiped clean and will be making a statement until the dogs come home!


Dog Collar/Harness BowDangle

4cm wide / 3cm drop (inclusive of ring attachment)

Key Ring BowDangle

3cm wide / 7.3cm drop (inclusive of ring attachment)