Black Fox Metalcraft

Border Collie Weathervane


A weathervane showing a Border Collie in the stalking pose so distinctive of this hard working, intelligent breed. We can alter the design to match the white markings of your Collie at no extra cost - contact us with a clear side on photo of your dog and we will do the rest.

The highly durable finish is made up of a layer of zinc electroplate to help prevent rust- and a matt black powder coat baked on at 170 degrees.

  • It is traditional looking but very hard wearing.
  • It measures 24" from North to South
  • Would suit a garage or small cottage sized building.
  • The letter bars and a fixing to mount to the gable end of your property are included in the price.
  • There is a choice of two different arrows, please have a look at the pictures and make your selection when ordering.

Please contact us if you think you may require a different fixing- we're happy to produce something different at no extra cost.