Dimbleby Ceramics

Wire Haired Dachshund Dog Bowl


This hand thrown dog bowl is made from one single piece of the finest clay, and features Rachel Dimbleby's lovely Dachshund illustration on both sides of the bowl as well as in the centre.

  • Beautiful cool-toned ceramic bowl with warm-toned Dachshund illustration
  • Spacious ceramic dog bowl means food and water are easily contained to minimise spills
  • Measures 180mm wide x 60mm heigh
  • Best quality clay, highly stable
  • Add a sophisticated touch to your kitchen and treat your dog at the same time
  • Perfect for you or for a dog-loving friend! 

A lovely piece, this is a dog bowl that will add to your home's interior design rather than just being a practical item hidden away in the corner, and is particularly suited to Dachshund owners!