Why We're Organising the Great Dog Walk Together

The Great Dog Walk Together is an initiative aimed at finding more ways for people to enjoy the company of dogs whilst exercising to promote wellbeing. Taking place all over the UK, we’re helping individuals set up walks in their local area, invite their community and start a conversation.
Why is this important?
Loneliness affects around nine million people in the UK and includes those living alone, spending time alone as well as those who are living away from their family and friends. Dog walking and all it involves significantly helps to improve people’s wellbeing, and here’s how.
When you’re lonely, or find social situations anxiety-inducing, making new friends and getting out can be hard. Dogs provide a starting point for a conversation. They’re easy to talk to, talk about, and you instantly find a common ground with the stranger on the other end of the leash. On top of this, due to the loving, loyal nature of dogs, their owners are usually the best kind of people to get to know!
Dogs also promote physical touch and affection, which can really help in particular people with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Even when it’s not your dog, the endless energy and love that they bound around with is sure to get you smiling.
Dog walking also involves being outside and exercising. Both of these have been proven to improve your health, both physically and mentally, improving your memory, focus and creativity whilst relieving you of stress. It’s also a huge mood booster, giving you more energy and higher self-esteem.
The emphasis on local communities is important too. Psychologists have found that people are more satisfied with their lives when they feel connected to a group such as their local community. Being a part of a group provides a sense of purpose and security, and generally makes people happier, improving their wellbeing tremendously. 
The #GreatDogWalkTogether combines all of these and will hopefully provide a great day out, helping people to feel happier, healthier and more connected with their community afterwards. All through something as simple as a dog walk! 
Find out more
The Great Dog Walk Together website is a free place to post and share dog walks. We also have a Facebook group where people can find out about and share details of walks they are arranging.
In Your Dog House is a marketplace for small independent Great British designers of dog themed products. We donate 100% of our profits to support the Great Dog Walk Together initiative.

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