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#RupertRecommends The Kings Arms located on....


Whiteladies Road, Clifton, in Bristol.

Me and my mate Mutley visited the Kings Arms last week, we experienced wonderful customer service and found ourselves surrounded by delightful people.

Rupert and Mutley

With excellent reviews online the humans are not wrong when they say it is one of Whiteladies best spots - located across four levels there is plenty of space and fantastic décor.

Sun terrence at The Kings ArmsIt also features a little sun terrace for when we experience the occasional hot weather – this is where we spent our time, although dogs are more than welcome inside! Even having readymade dog beds to lie in… if the resident host hasn’t got there first!

Being located just a short distance from the dog-friendly open fields ‘The Downs’ this makes the perfect spot to relax and unwind



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Written by Zoe Harris

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