Pooch and Munch to be launched in the New Year

Pooch and Munch dog walks from pubs

In Your Dog House Gift is proud to support a brand new initiative. The project, called ‘Pooch and Munch’, combines dog walks with a trip to the local pub. The dog walks will start and end at a pub, with the opportunity to stay for lunch or a drink.

The aim is to find more ways for people to meet up and enjoy the company of others to promote wellbeing. Small groups of local people can get together enjoy some exercise and, most importantly, look after their pooches. The walks will be suitable for all ages and abilities, and welcoming of those without dogs too.

Elaine Brown, spokesperson for Pooch and Munch said: “These walks can take place at any time during the year. We are encouraging local pubs to get involved. By allotting a fixed date, i.e. the first Tuesday of every month, they can choose."

Great Dog Walk Together

Beginning in the new year, Pooch and Munch could not start at a better time. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which occurs during winter months, affects millions and causes symptoms of depression such as lethargy and social withdrawal. Even those unaffected are sure to be less enthused about walking their dog when the weather is cold, dark, and rainy. Pooch and Munch therefore provides a hassle-free way to get out of the house and have positive, pleasant experiences with others.

Pooch and Munch is part of the Great Dog Walk Together initiative, and participating pubs will post information about their dog walks on the website. The initiative has been created by In Your Dog House, a marketplace that brings together Great British designers of high-quality dog-themed products. They donate all their profits towards finding ways for more people to enjoy the company of dogs to promote wellbeing.

If this seems like something that you would like to participate in, please get in touch with your local pub and enquire. It is free for both you and the pub, with the team behind the project providing posters, A5 flyers and social media posts.

For further information please contact  hello@greatdogwalktogether.com

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