Who is the latest designer to land at In Your Dog House Gifts?

 In Your Dog House Gifts is welcoming new designer Kate Moby!together is better

border collie gift

Kate Moby combines her childhood memories and a love for nature, and animals, to create colourful and contemporary wildlife gifts. border collie phone caseThe range will feature a wide selection of hand drawn Border Collie items, a much-requested breed to the site!

Within the range Kate is also featuring personalised, commissioned portraits! If you want a custom image Kate will create a beautiful and unique ‘inky artwork’ - no pup is too large or small! This exciting new feature to the site is guaranteed to make the perfect personalised gift for every and any dog lover.

 Personalised dog portrait

Moby’s range is prided on being eco-friendly, sustainable and all the products are made in the UK.

 border collie gift

The full range goes on site this Saturday! Just two days away, keep an eye out for the Border Collie gift selection, just in time for Mother’s Day.

We love hearing what breeds and items you want to see on In Your Dog House Gifts, use the contact page to post any requests big or small!

Love Rupert the Westie


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Written by Zoe Harris


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