Introducing our first organic dog product

Something quite exciting has happened here at In Your Dog House (drumroll please…)

We have widened our product offering and are now delighted to welcome our first organic dog food product to the site, in the form of ‘Slurps’, who produce organic, natural liquid treats for our dogs.

organic drinks for dogs

Dogs are made up of about 80% water, which means it is incredibly important that dogs consume plenty of liquid throughout even a non-strenuous day. The problem Slurps is helping to solve is that many dogs just do not drink as much as they should. This concern was initially sparked from Susan’s dog Ruby, who does not drink enough water, even though she is a very active dog.

Organic drink for dogs

Their solution? These organic dog liquid treats. They're available in beef or chicken flavour, making it a much yummier and appealing option for your four-legged friend. Of course, they've tested these on Ruby first, who slurped it all up! This was followed by some further tests at Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare. In this, all the dogs involved ignored their water bowls while wolfing down Slurps!

As well as being a tasty option, Slurps also have lots of Omega 3 fish oils in them, which further add to the health of your dog.

We are really happy that this venture into dog food products is not only organic and natural, but also tackles a serious problem of dehydration in our lovely dogs. Just think how tired and lethargic you can feel if you are not hydrated enough. We don’t want that for our dogs! If you are at all concerned that your dog might not be drinking enough, then Slurps really is something that you should try.

Happy hydration!

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