5 Must-Have Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

Started thinking about what to buy your friends and family for Christmas? If they love dogs as much as we do then you've already got a head start! To make things even easier, we're giving you 5 of our most popular products from the past year which your friends are sure to love too.

Here are Rupert's top 5 picks for 2018 - read on to wrap up your Christmas gift list nice and early this year.

1. The Rupert Range Mix Pack Westie Tea Towels

Westie tea towels

For any Westie lover, this adorable pack will make an amazing gift. They'll get not one, but two stylish 100% cotton tea towels. Alternate between the polka dot Rupert towel and repeat pattern Westie print so you'll always have one handy when the dishes need drying or anything needs mopping up. The charming blue neckerchiefs and bright red collars are guaranteed to win the hearts of anyone who gets their hands on them.

2. Dimbleby Ceramics Black Labrador Mug

Black labrador on white ceramic mug

What a charismatic little lab! His sweet smile and pointy nose makes him the handsome star of this high-quality white fine bone mug, which would be a great present for any friend or family member this year to enjoy that essential steaming mug of hot chocolate/tea/coffee/mulled wine or apple this Christmas. Check out the other breeds that Rachel of Dimbleby Ceramics has illustrated, and all our other mugs featuring a massive range of designs.

3. Lola Designs Floral Dogs French Bulldog Fine Art Print

French Bulldog floral print

We love this distinctive and delicate print from Lola Design. We've never seen anything like the beautiful and intricate floral ear design featured on the gorgeous drawings of your favourite breed - there are 12 breeds to choose from so you're sure to find the right one to make the best present. The colours and small details are different with each breed, so you can even give more than one to a fashionable friend as truly unique pieces of home décor.

4. Katy Ferrari French Bulldog Makeup Bag and Mirror

French bulldog makeup bag and mirror

Featuring the stylish French bulldog in a repeating pattern with cute coloured jackets, this makeup bag has a matching mirror you can also choose. This bag is the easiest way to keep all of your makeup together at home or in your handbag when you're travelling. They're a great idea for organised friends (or to help out your messy ones). Our makeup bags also feature Dachshunds, Pugs, Westies as well as multi-dog design options so there's something for everyone - have a browse of all our makeup bags here.

5. Abi Purrington Mixed Breed Dog Tote Bag


The perfect companion for shopping or trips away, the lovable cotton fabric dogs are the stunning focus point of Abi's hardwearing tote bags. With so many well-loved breeds in one place you're sure to find your favourite! Not only will you be helping the environment with this reusable shopping bag, but you'll be doing it in style. This is an especially good gift if you don't know which breed your dog-loving friend loves the most. You can look at all our bags here for breed specific designs or bags of other colours.

Through buying any of these beautiful and contemporary products found on this list or elsewhere on our website you won't just be giving a dog-lover a personal and tailored gift, you'll be helping support small independent British designers. 

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