Best Unique Gifts for Dog Lovers for Around £10

With Mother's Day just around the corner here are some unique gift ideas for your dog loving Mum.. For £10 (give or take) per gift, you might even have enough leftover to treat yourself to a dog-themed present if you see one you really fancy.

1. Katy Ferrari Labrador Pocket Mirror- £5

Labrador pocket mirror

This handy pocket mirror is great to have in your handbag when you're out and about, and the Labrador on the front is so charming with his warm paw-print blue scarf it's impossible resist him. Katy Ferrari's snowy design is guaranteed to make you feel Christmassy, and the cheery yellow background is sure to keep your spirits lifted even against the January blues. We can't look away from this Lab's gaze - if you can't either you can take him home for someone this Christmas for just a fiver.

2. Gingeroo Jute Bags - £9.50

Cockapoo jute bag

These gorgeous patterned Gingeroo jute bags might be towards the top end of £10 but they're worth every penny! Perfect shopping companions, these will easily hold the items you need to take with you. There's a huge variety of breeds - even the beautiful Cockapoo pictured here comes in three colours with different fabric patterns - so it's a fail-safe gift for friends who love specific breeds or who simply have an eye for stylish creations. 

3. London Pooch Dachshund Matisse Notebook - £4

Matisse Dachshund notebook

Show an art and/or Dachshund fan how well you know them by introducing them to this adorable Matisse-inspired notepad by London Pooch. There's 50 blank pages for doodles, sketches or stories, and would be great to write next year's resolutions in before New Years' Eve. At just £4, this cute piece of stationary makes a unique and low-cost gift. For creative friends who fancy other breeds, you can browse all of our notebooks here

4. Scottie Dog Tea Towel - £9

Scottie dog tea towel

Perfect for helping out with the cooking and clearing up on and after Christmas Day, this striking Scottie Dog tea towel adds stunning pops of pink and blue to any kitchen. It's 100% cotton so you can relax in the knowledge that low cost does not mean low quality. Scot Inness' vibrant tea towel will be the ideal contemporary gift for those with a love of colour.

You might also like the fun London Pooch Banksy Dachshund tea towel for £10. Quirky, cute and funny it's another one that's perfect for art lovers.

Dachshund Banksy tea towel



The mini illustrations you can choose for your favourite dog breed, and the huge choice of background colours make truly personal gifts for friends or family who own and love dog breeds. Give their dog the gift of style this year!

6. Caroline Walker Lola Bulldog Mug - £11.50

Bulldog red china mug

Last but not least, we're recommending this eye-catching and contemporary fine bone china mug. This adorable solemn-faced bulldog would be a cute present for a bulldog fan, a loyal kitchen companion for you or a funny gift for your grumpiest friend! It's bright and festive brick-red background will attract attention in kitchens of any style and is more than worth the £11.50 price tag. Caroline's mugs are a great choice that you know your friends and family can use all year-round.  


Hopefully you've found a favourite or two out of these lovely low-cost gift choices. With their distinctive and surprising designs, these are sure to make amazing presents this year.

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